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We’ve got an app for you

  • High quality calls
  • Rate finder
  • Sync your address book
  • SMS text messaging
  • Instant credit track
  • Automatic switch between Wifi and 3G

Connect your SIP device

To connect your SIP device to Nymgo, please use the configuration info below

  • ata.nymgo.com
  • nymgo username
  • nymgo username
  • nymgo password
  • 5060
  • g729, g711
  • stun.nymgo.com
  • 80

Nymgo supports Codecs G729 and G711

All done? You can test whether your SIP device is configured correctly by dialling 111 (it's free!).

You can also check your balance by dialling 999 (it's free too!)

(By the way, we'll give you the balance in US Dollars. Hope that's okay with you.)

Any problems? Don't be shy. Just get in touch with the nice people at support@nymgo.com and they'll help you out.

Symbian Features

  • The highest quality AND the lowest rate calls from your Nokia Symbian to any mobile or landline in the world
  • 'Hello Points' rewards (e.g. free credits)
  • Instant credit tracker so you're always in control
  • Synchronise feature to instantly share address book contacts across all your devices
  • Automatic switching between WiFi and 3G networks so you'll never lose a call

Download for Symbian Anna, Belle, 5th Edition devices (Ex Nokia N8)

Download for older Symbian devices (Ex Nokia E71)