Connect your SIP device

Connect your SIP device

To connect your SIP device to Nymgo, please use the configuration info below:

SIP Server or SIP Proxy Server:
SIP User ID:
Authenticate ID:
SIP password:
SIP Port:
Codec Used:
STUN Server:
STUN port:
nymgo username
nymgo username
nymgo password
g729, g711

Nymgo supports Codecs G729 and G711
All done? You can test whether your SIP device is configured correctly by dialling 111 (it's free!).
You can also check your balance by dialling 999 (it's free too!)(By the way, we'll give you the balance in US Dollars. Hope that's okay with you.)

SIP Configuration for:

Any problems? Don't be shy. Just get in touch with the nice people at and they'll help you out.